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Turbotronic DF1 Fryer - 3 litres - Black

Turbotronic DF1 Fryer - 3 litres - Black

Normaalihinta €59,90 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €59,90 EUR
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Delicious and easy frying your favourite snack starts with the TurboTronic DF1 Deep Fryer. Always handy for a party or when you still want to snack in the evening. The fryer heats up in a few minutes, so you can have a delicious snack on the table in no time. Thanks to its large 3-litre capacity, the fryer allows you to fry chips and snacks for the whole family at the same time. It also features an accurate, adjustable thermostat up to 190°C with overheating protection. You set the temperature via a rotary knob.

The TurboTronic DF1 deep fryer has a stylish black housing, making it stand out in any kitchen. You will also hardly see any grease splashes because of this. The fryer also features a cold zone that ensures crumbs and small pieces that slip through the basket don't burn each time you use it. You can use the lid during frying to prevent fat splashes from leaving the pan. See through the viewing window that your snacks are ready? Then you can easily fish them out with the basket that you hang on the rim with the hook to drain the snacks. After use, simply put all parts in the dishwasher. This way, you're done cleaning quickly too!

Unique features of the TurboTronic DF1 Deep Fryer

3-litre capacity
Thanks to the 3-litre capacity, you can fry large quantities of chips and snacks at the same time. This makes the appliance handy for large families and households. The basket also makes deep-frying easy. You have the snacks out of the fat in no time and hang the basket on the rim via the hook so the snacks can drain.

Temperature setting
The DF1 fryer features a rotary knob that lets you set the desired temperature in no time. You can vary the temperature from 0 to 190°C. You can also adjust the temperature during the frying process itself if required.

Lid with viewing window
To prevent oil splashing during frying, the fryer has a lid that allows you to close the fryer even while frying. The viewing window allows you to keep a close eye on the frying process. So you can see exactly when your snack is ready, without burning yourself on grease splatters.

Easy to clean
The fryer is easy to clean after use. When it is time to change the grease, empty the contents easily and place all removable parts in the dishwasher. The exterior of the fryer can be easily cleaned with some soapy water.

Cold zone for healthier frying
The problem with many deep fryers is that crumbs and leftovers end up in the hot fat and burn with each use. To prevent this, the DF1 deep fryer has a special cold zone. Any small pieces that fall through the basket end up in this cold zone, preventing them from burning. This way, your oil lasts longer and you won't get any unhealthy substances from burnt leftovers.

Ease of use
How to use the fryer is really self-explanatory. It could hardly be simpler. The fryer features a rotary knob that allows you to control the temperature. The basket has an ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to fish your just-fried snack out of the fat.



  • Capacity: 3 litres
  • Power: 1800-2200 watts
  • Temperature setting: 0 - 190 °C
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Dial control
  • Heat-insulating handles
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Cold zone (for healthier frying)
  • Overheating protection


  • Colour: black
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Heating indicator light
  • Basket with handle and hook
  • Cover with viewing window
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Operating system: rotary knob

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions of product (l x w x h): 41 x 21.8 x 22.7 cm
  • Package dimensions (l x w x h): 37.5 x 37 x 41 cm
  • Product weight: 1.5 kg

TurboTronic has been making affordable household appliances since 1992. Its wide range consists of high-quality, trendy and modern products. In addition, the products are durable, both in terms of high-quality machine components and functional design which makes it easy to use TurboTronic products on a daily basis. All products are checked according to the highest European standard requirements. We stand behind every product we sell and test each appliance fully and individually; our two-year warranty proves it. Our TurboTronic brand has an intrinsic and timeless elegance combined with a unique intuitive operation.
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